Simple String Advertising

Simple strings ads are the ads directly above this message.  These string ads are located on all visual artists post pages.  Post pages are used for visual artists profiles and visual art articles.  This ads location is shared with other sponsors and displayed randomly throughout the visual artists categories of

Please Note: These simple string ads are for the visual arts section only.



Button Badge Banner 125×125 = $25.00 Per Month.

Free motion banner design & Save 10% ($30.00) with every 12 month purchase.
These little badges are perfect for advertising art products, galleries and businesses. Change your ads monthly for free. Your badge will be located on sidebars of each post page which include all visual artist pages. They seem to go everywhere except the front page. This ad space draws attention, because of the many colorful ads share the same advertising area. Each ad space will rotate with 5 other advertisers and you may see up to Ten (10) badges that sit next to each other.  The painting below (painted by Patty Ramirez from Mexico) is a 125×125 square showing you the actual size of your ad.

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