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Jose Manuel Varela
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 Jose Manuel Varela,  was born 1963 in El Hurace Mexico in the municipality of Lerdo Durango, Mexico.  Valera, is a self-taught artist, a sculptor with style all his own who has the gift of being able to easily shape thick flat sheet iron into undulating shapes using the basic tools of a torch, a welder, a hammer and a grinder. His style is unique, each piece a reflection of his interior, each piece a reflection of his life philosophy and his beliefs.

After working under semi-slave conditions for the church, he found a job working for a small company that belonged to the same church. He eventually opened up his own small shop where he dedicated himself to the design and fabrication of household accessories such as candleholders, furniture, etc. made from shaped iron. It was during this time when at his shop the famous Mexican sculptor Adrian Reynoso drops by sparking off a friendship.  Adrian Reynoso recognizing Varela’s innate talent and creativity, encourages him to keep developing his inner sculptor. With his new found mentor, Varela’s inner artist is unleashed, and with the guidance of Adrian Reynoso, makes his first sculpture with such passion and concentration that he surprises himself. Because of his isolation, he developed his own alternative style fearlessly working designs into iron while blissfully unaware of the myths and limitations that existed then about making iron sculptures. To read and view more of Jose Manuel Valera artworks, please visit his beautiful website and Wikipedia.


Wikipedia: Jose Manuel Valera


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