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Jack Armstrong, has been painting since he was 5 years old. In the late 1990′s, after perfecting a new style of art he named “Cosmic Extensionalism,” he bought back his early work and destroyed it, vowing to create only 100 paintings in his lifetime. Beginning in 2001, with his new cosmic process, Armstrong published three art books containing all of his 100 paintings, from 2009 to 2010. Critics and collectors have raved about his new style of intense texture, color and light, saying it begins where Pollock and de Kooning stopped. His bold signature, “Jack,” alongside other cosmic messages written in the paint, lets the world appreciate his artistic breakthrough – something unseen and mystical. As Andy Warhol once told of him, “It is more alchemy than art.” Deservingly, and much sought after, his paintings are priced from $600 thousand to $6 million dollars each.

If you’ve never heard of Jack Armstrong, a most accomplished artist, you are not alone, very few people have. Yet, Andy Warhol, who created the “Pop Art” movement in the 1960′s, called Jack the “Last Wizard.” Jack Armstrong is in fact, the number one Cosmic Artist in the world – the “Master of Cosmic Extensionalism”. His wizardry is truly remarkable and worthy of the substantial price tag for anything he places his trademark yellow and red paint on.

Jack Armstrong

Cosmic Artist Jack Armstrong

Jack Armstrong’s collection includes a spectacular bike called the “Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson that sold for $3,000,000 dollars in 2012” and a Thunderbird that was the mascot and center piece for a ballet called the “Cosmic Firebird Ballet.”

The bike that Jack painted over a period of 6 months in Palm Springs,with Venice Beach artist K-Fish (Kelsey Fisher). In 2012, Jack debuted the worlds most expensive bike – the “Cosmic SuperCruiser ARTBike”, valued at $1 million dollars.

Demanding art collectors, such as Alice Walton, Paul McCartney and Michel Polnareff, are proud owners of Jack Armstrong’s art, and the list is long. His work is among the highest and fastest appreciating artworks available.

As foreseen by Andy Warhol, the “LAST WIZARD”, Jack Armstrong is fast becoming “The most renowned artist on the planet.”
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  1. Matt Kaplinsky says:

    Hi Jack! We emailed a few months ago and you had also mentioned opening a museum -as I recall in Cali or Mexico- and was wondering if that project got off the ground or was temporarily held off until the TV show went live….. ??? Definitely wanted to follow up with you and watch the magic happen! -Matt Kaplinsky, artist

  2. marianela says:

    Jack Armstrong has succeeded against all odds, denouncing the big dealer no submission policy (for new artists) while they made billions from top artists like Damien Hirst selling dead animals and calling it art. The art world is changing, because of rebels like Armstrong. Warhol called him, the Last Wizard of Art. So True! Best wishes Jack, your work is exciting, brilliant and real. Mary W.

  3. Hellenia says:

    Hi Jack,
    What an exciting artistic career!
    Have you met Andy Warhol?
    I like the “delirious” and little bit “crazy” side of your artwork.
    You are a passionate artist.
    I wish you the best.
    See you soon.

    • jack jack says:

      I was lucky to arrive in NYC in 1979 & become friends with Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Warhol. I did some amazing graffiti with Basquiat, Hung out with Haring @ the Mudd Club, the Ramones @ CBGB’s, & Andy @ Studio 54. Meeting Warhol on my 3rd day in NY, (at the men’s fragrence counter in Bloomingdales) seems like yesterday. Ralph Lauren had shaken my hand, when I saw & then approached Warhol. He was simply kind to me, after hearing that I was from Omaha, had just arrived in NY, had no friends or connections in the art world, yet still came to be a painter, he put me on the VIP Guest List @ Studio 54. It was the best night of my life. I met the rich, the powerful, & the famous, yet they all appoached Andy. He was the King. We remained friends until he died. Basquiat, died the following year in 1988 & Keith passed in 1991. NY, has never seemed the same, for me. I have lived in L.A., Switzerland & Mexico, but I have never stayed up all night-every nite-for years straight, as we did then. When I create something magical like the Cosmic Art-Bike “StarCruiser,” I smile to myself. If Andy were here, I know he would would have hopped on it, and gone for a quick ride. Art, riding art. Warhol- Cosmic Cool-I think, Jack Armstrong, 2013.

      • Hellenia says:

        Wow ! Amazing !!!! How lucky to have met these artists ! ;)

        • jack jack says:

          i am currently in developement for a new Global Art TV Show. It will be called “American Art Star”, “Mexican Art Star,” “UK Art Star,” “France Art Star” etc. The mega dealers have “Frozen” out, the world’s best young new artists with “no submission” policies, leaving the world’s formerly “finest Art Museums” awash in Damien Hirst “dead animals” and Jeff Koons: Banality, (making a few mega Art Dealer’s Billionaires, through special connections to top collectors + museums.) My NEW Art Star TV SHOWS, will eliminate dealers and art critics, letting the public pick the new superstar artists of the future, who all can have a shot at the show’s $1 Million Dollar First Prize (in each Country) every year the show’s run. The top #3 Finalists will each receive large cash prizes and their own: “Major Museum Exhibition” (in each country) for their ART. The online “ART Auction” Section of the TV Show Website, would contain a web-auction site for “each” artist featured on the show in order to sell their art permanently. The on-line auction will help new artists be seen and collected globally instead of locally. This will give thousands of virtually unkwown artists the “chance to sell & expose their work at higher levels.” Something that does not currently exist within the art dealer controlled cartel. This public system has been a “proven success” for over a decade in the “Music Buisness,” with shows such as “AMERICAN IDOL” + “THE VOICE.” (with Record companies simply promoting “the top winners of these shows.”) It’s time the elite art world opens its doors to the best artist’s in the world, instead of a few artists that are minipulated into fame + fortune by clever dealers aided by select critics. Art can change the world, “ONLY” IF Future Great Artists, are given a “fair” chance to shine. The Dealers + art critics will of course “disagree” with the public picking art stars. But they have given us $8 Million Dollar “Dead Sharks,” and “SPOT Paintings” not even painted by the artist whose name is on the work, (that currently exhibit in the world’s finest museums.) These powerful dealers have $$$Billions of “reasons to fight” a radical change in their “one way” system that has completely decayed. Every great revolution through out history, began with rotted systems, requiring a massive change. GREAT ART & ARTIST’S, (around the world) DESERVE HOPE, and a chance to succeed. Jack Armstrong, 2013.

          • Webmaster Webmaster says:

            Brilliant idea, Jack!

            Warhol, was right, You are The Last Wizard!
            There is no doubt in our mind that ‘Art Star’ will not only be successful, it will be Magical.


  4. cynthia cynthia says:

    Beautiful work , i loved what u did with the harley wish u the best .

    • Jack Jack says:

      Thanks Cynthia, creating the most original “art-motorcycle,” and “Art Bicycle” in the world, (Google: Cosmic Art-Bike,) has made them “each” a part of art history. I hope these 2 unique creations, inspire artists “everywhere” to re-imagine what they believe possible, & then go out and create their own magic. The finest artist’s in the world, in this century -will be the one’s- who create their “own work.” Currently the richest artist’s in the world are Damien Hirst & Jeff Koon’s, whose method of using “their minimum wage” paid “assistant’s,” to create “art” that is later sold for $ million’s as the artist’s “own work,” has left us with $8 Million Dollar “Dead Sharks,” $25 Million Dollar “Balloon Dogs” Sculpture, in the world’s most respected art museums, and dozens of Billionaire Art Dealer’s. Billionaire Dealers will be dinosaurs in this “New Art Revolution,” where major collectors buy direct from the best artists, making dealers who represent non-artists, obsolete. JACK ARMSTRONG, Artist.

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