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Francisco Garcia
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Francisco (Paco) Garcia

Paco Garcia, or as his friends call him “Paco” is among the most popular artists of Baja California. Paco, was born in December of 1949 in Saltillo, Coahuila. Paco was born into an artistic family, his mother who is a recognized painter and a father who was a wood sculptor.

Coahuila, is famous for its long tradition of fine art. dating back to pre – columbian time. It was there that painters Ruben Herrera made such fame that the museum and cultural center are named after him. Paco, recalls the precious art on display in this colonial city. Paco’s Mother, Petra Elena Zamora , was a student of the famous Herrera . to this day at the age of 87 she is still painting and still running the Garcia family art gallery in Ensenada, Baja California.

Paco’s mentioned that his mother has a tremendous ability to paint portraits as well as classical paintings. Garcia, adds it was my mother who provided my artistic trainning and who is continually my inspiracion and mentor.

This great artistic family left Coahuila in 1959 and moved to Ensenada, Baja California. At the age of 14 years old, Paco Garcia, has been creating beautiful art work for the family gallery in Ensenada, Paco Garcia started searching for his own style at a very young age. One of his favorite methods is the use of an almost 3-D technique, created by layers of paint rising from the canvas. He uses this method to add a grace and delicacy to the painting, the leaves on the cluster of foliage seem to float in a breeze presently, Paco Garcia, is painting mediterranean type landscape, beautiful coastlines covered with flowers which for a moment, transports you across the pacific. he has in the past favored the typical Mexican marketplace and he has done some fascinating things in a genre that is an almost abstract impressionism. It is certain that this world renowned artists, will continue to create beautiful paintings in the future .

Paco Garcia has sold paintings to admirers, from all over the world, from Italy to New Zealand to Canada. Paco Garcia’s work is displayed in cultural centers in Mexico as well as galleries though out the world. locally in the united states, his work is sold in galleries in various cities in California such as Carmel , La Jolla , Laguna Beach and Palm Springs.


Contact Information:

  • Paco’s Gallery at the Rosarito Beach Hotel Art mall
  • (661) 61 2 4790 Gallery Telephone
  • (661) 85 0 4815 Cell phone







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  1. Christina says:

    I have an original Paco G that I purchased directly from him in Rosarita Beach gallery. Was still wet on the easel when I made the purchase and had to return for it a few days later. Was in 1985 or 86. It is It is 8 X0 and framed in a wood frame made in Mexico. I am wondering what it might be worth and how to sell it. Thank you kindly.

  2. Mike W says:

    I have numerous ORIGINAL oil paintings signed by Paco G. which I would like to market. Where would be the best place to sell these. They are all done in the 3D type style where the paint is extremely thick in places to make it look 3 D. The signatures are all original.

    Mike W

  3. Mike W says:

    I have numerous ORIGINAL oil paintings signed by Paco G. which were owned by my wife’s parents who use to have a home in Rosarito. Any idea where the best place is to market these?.

  4. Leolila says:

    I have a painting signed Paco G on the bottom right corner.It is a arcdoorway entrance.I would like to know how much is its value.

    • Webmaster Webmaster says:

      Depends on a few factors:

      1) What is the size, with no frame?
      2) What Condition is it in?
      3) Is it signed AND dated?
      4) Do you have a Certificate Of Authenticity with it?

  5. arvasquez arvasquez says:

    If it was in excellent condition and an original painting, then I would say big time, Yes.
    But unfortunately, it being signed twice and numbered with a 9/20 on it, means that there is a good chance it is number 9 out of 20 copies. This is a very low print-run, which is excellent.

    Few tips:
    1) Check and see if one signatures is an original (real paint)
    2) Check and see if their is any real paint on the actual painting (highlights) itself.
    3) Check and see if it is paper or on canvas (textured) that looks like real paint, Giclee.

    If all three are met then you have a highlighted signature edition giclee. Depending on the shape and size. If in good to excellent condition, i would say it is worth no less than $300.00 no matter what the size.

    Hope this helped.

  6. MY Macedo says:

    I just bought a orginal painting by the signed artist Paco G…. for $2.00 at a garage sell and was wondering did I find a gem amongst someone elses junk? It has in the bottom left corner his signature and 9/20…the painting has been signed by him twice..once in dark brown and green with the 9/20 and signature. Q: treasure or not? I have no knowledge about art…

    Thank You,

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